Monday, September 27, 2010


This past weekend we went to Vail like we do every September so that he could teach a seminar.  Vail is always fun.  On the way up we tried to go "leaf peeping" at Mueller State Park but it appeared as though we missed the peak this year.  I think we were a week off, but I did get some good pictures.

I started walking/jogging and doing my wii fit plus. I put on my workout gear and my NEW shoes and I took the doggies for a walk today and then did my wii fit. I feel great but still really worried about my foot. I'm so ready to get back into shape. It's a good feeling.

Good things are happening. I'm making changes and I love it. I hope a big change will be happening soon, but we'll see. I'm quite hopeful because frankly it needs to happen. Think positive thoughts.

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