Friday, November 19, 2010


The last few weeks, my body has been hating me. I somehow got some weird bacterial infection in my throat - which at first was thought to be strep throat. Ha, just kidding because the amoxicillin did not work. At all. I seriously thought I was dying. I went to the urgent care/doctor three times in 5 days. The first one resulted strep throat, supposedly. The second visit resulted in getting a steroid shot which would wear off in 72 hours, and the third trip to the doctor resulted in blood being taken, new medicine, as well as a mono test, and being told that she was 90% that it was mono but would send it off to get it cultured just to make sure. The result in all this? I've lost quite a bit of pounds, which is nice, but it's really not the smart thing to do. Oh, and me missing tons of work.  Yesterday I went to work, somehow made it through it although I cried hysterically in the morning because I couldn't find the belt. And I had no energy.  Today I went to work and sobbed and was running a fever, so I went home. I feel horrible about missing work, but I feel like I can't really do my job when it takes energy to stand up. Hopefully I'll get some rest this weekend and next week will be better.

I'm supposed to be walking for St. Jude's tomorrow with some ladies from, um, Deathrose. (I told Melissa I would do it with her before I quit). I raised enough money to reach my goal of $250, thanks to my parents, and my brother.  Let's talk about how the only person who doesn't work there (me) raised the most money. That's right. Interesting. However, I think I'm gonna go just to cheer them on since there is no way that I can walk that far. I mean, seriously, I get winded just getting up and going to the bathroom. I'm way bummed to, but I feel like I did my part already by raising money.

On a much happier note, we got another doggy! Today. From the Humane Society.  Last night I got an e-mail from the Humane Society in Boulder Valley, so I checked out the dogs. There are puppies in Castle Rock that I would really like to see.  However, there was also a dog that Rob fell in love with on the computer. Up until last night, he refused and told me he was not ready for another dog. I tried to be patient, but when it came to looking at the dog he wanted, I made her talk.  So we went and looked at her today.  Her name is Princess, we might try to ease in another name, cause well that name is just, blah. But she has gotten used to it so we'll see. She has been surrendered at the Humane Society three times since June. The first family didn't want to go through the trouble of spaying her (WHAT!?!?!), the second family's landlord wouldn't let them keep a dog, and the third family was an older couple that couldn't keep up with her activeness. She definitely needed a forever home and that's what we are. She is about two years old and is a buff cocker spaniel. She does amazing with dogs and children. She is already microchipped, which is good since apparently she likes to dart out the door. She pulls on the leash, but that's really the only downfall so far and can be easily fixed. When we got her home we realized that she knows basic commands, comes to her name, is house broken, and crate trained, AND she knows how to play fetch. Amazing.

So here she is: she is sleeping right now...she must be exhausted, but isn't she adorable?!

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  1. Oh and she doesn't beg. I'm eating crackers and she's not interested. :)