Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's amazing that I am writing about this again. For the second time. Within 10 days.  Not only did we just have to say goodbye to Maddie Sue on October 20th, but today, October 29th, we had to say goodbye to Thrasher.  Thrasher was a much a harder decision and such a different situation than Maddie. 

He was fine all morning; he ate all his food and played with his tug.  Around 2:00pm he came in the kitchen where Rob and I were and threw up. He continued to shake uncontrollably, and once again, I was the one that pushed to take him to the vet. We knew he didn't get into anything because for most of the day he was with one of us.  We took him to the vet and they ran tests on him.  They took x-rays of his chest and abdominal and they noticed that he had gas or liquid outside of the intestine. Not normal. This was due to an organ leaking or it rupturing.  He was only going to progressively get worse.  As much as it hurt, when the doctor said that I knew what was going to happen. However, he is technically not my it was a lot of waiting.  Two things he did that I knew it was the right decision...well, for one, he pooped everywhere. They gave him some pain medicine (which helped for about 2 hours) and he got up, walked around, pooped, walked through the exam rooms, and pooped some more.  Another thing he did that solidified it for me was that the three of us took him for a "walk" before we let him go, he walked in the grass, and laid down.  That's when I knew 100% sure that it was the right thing to do. 

I don't feel as much as the world is crashing in on me with the decision we made with Thrasher as I did with Maddie.  I knew I was helping him by not letting him be in pain anymore and with Maddie I felt kind of selfish that I didn't take her in soon enough because I wasn't ready to deal with it or be alone with it.  Whenever I get sad about it, I keep thinking about how when that gate opened to let Thrashy through, I know Maddie was there waiting to pounce on him, just like she did when he came out of the kennel.  I know they are up there frolicking around with my Papa (dad) and all my other animals.

They were both amazing dogs and I love them so much.  I don't like being in a house where there are no dogs.  I don't like the feeling at all.  We are going to do Thrasher's list of things he did tomorrow. So here they are, my cocker spaniel angels:

R.I.P. Maddie, October 20, 2010 and Thrasher, October 29, 2010.  Give everyone lots of licks for me and come and visit often!

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