Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am in love with my hounds. I am also in love with dog training. The mini beast, Daphne, makes me so excited to train her and eventually train Prinny. I'm so addicted that I coughed up a little bit of money to take an e-class from Susan Garrett; The Total Recall class. Yes, I am that nuts.  However I do have someone encouraging me to do all this and it's truly her fault. :) Anyways last weekend Daphne graduated Puppy Kindergarten!  The graduation we had a potluck and got to try out different agility equipment. Her favorite? The tunnel.  Once she got through it, she kept going back and forth. So cute.  I wish I had video of it. 

Today I had puppy elementary orientation and I'm so excited to get started next week! I signed up Prinny for the same class, just older dogs but hers doesn't start until later on in the month.  I'll have Daffy's class on Saturday and Prinny's on Sunday (see...the whole addiction thing? Training all weekend? Yes please!) 

Anyways, here are some cute pictures that are more recent of the hounds.  Daffy LOVES tissues. It's a good thing she's cute!

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